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Why in car Dash Camera’s are so Popular

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Dash cameras have of late become very popular among all types of motorists. Just like the name suggests, in-car dash cameras are fixed on the interior of a car to record events while the vehicle is on the move. Some motorists prefer to be at the front and rear. This helps in offering all-round car surveillance.

In fact, the cameras come in various designs and sizes. The good thing about a dash camera is that it doesn’t stop filming. It can there film for as many hours as you want. In case the storage gets full, you can always replace it with an empty memory stick and continue filming. Here is a list of reasons why you should install a dashcam in your car.

dash cam
dash cam

Why in-car Dash Camera’s are so Popular?

  1. Cheap and Easy to Install

You can buy a dashcam without having to rob a bank. In fact, the prices of various cameras vary according to the features that you might want. For instance, a dash camera that comes with a bigger storage capacity will obviously cost more money than another camera that has low storage capacity. Fortunately, such a camera is only bought once and for all. You can actually find high-quality dash cams at https://spycentre.com/collections/car-cameras. Besides that, every camera comes with mounting gear. You can, therefore, mount it without having to use any tools. You can actually fix it either on the dashboard or on the windshield.

  1. Record Events Discreetly

The advantage of having a dash camera is that you can film events without getting noticed. This is because some camera models are designed to be small in size. As a matter of fact, these cams have helped in restoring sanity on our roads.  Unlike in the past, when law enforcement agencies only used them, nowadays motorists, pedestrians and the police have to be in their best behavior. This is because a reckless driver can be captured on tape by other road users.

  1. Provide Evidence after an Accident

After you have been involved in a road accident, you have to prove that you are innocence and the other party is guilty of breaking a traffic law. The insurance providers usually demand such evidence when you file for compensation. Without a dashcam, you can’t convince the insurance provider that you didn’t cause the accident. Keep in mind that insurance companies make a profit by not paying claims made by their clients. The police also use such evidence when prosecuting traffic law offenders.

  1. Track how your Car is Used

When friends and relatives borrow your car, you can’t be sure that they will use it responsibly. Some of them will drive it recklessly, probably because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. By installing a discrete dash cam, you can see how your car is being used and avoid making the same mistake next time. With such a camera onboard, your friends will not be able to lie about where they are taking your car.

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