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How to Crack All Assessments of Google Analytics Academy for Beginners

By | 20 February, 2018

Google provides a platform for learning analytics beginners levels to advance level. DevVeer Blogs wrote solutions or answers for assessments of Google Analytics Academy for beginners. Google have best analytical platform knows Google Analytics which are very useful when we are players in the business model. A site uniquely performance especially in a graphical interface.… Read More »

Popular WordPress and Writing Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making

By | 15 January, 2018

Whether you want to write about your exciting trip to Africa or a guide on how to write a literature review, WordPress is the right platform for you. Right now, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It has evolved to also cater for managing content. What makes it so prevalent in the business world… Read More »

Speed Unavailable in Google Page Speed Insights? Here is the Solve

By | 11 January, 2018

Hello everyone already you knew that google page speed insight is improving. They have introduced a new algorithm to find the page speed of the individual website. Today we have found several websites that have a decent page is speed on Google page speed Insight. Boss host Bangladesh is providing a significant number of tools… Read More »

Google Webmaster Tools Not Loading Properly? Here is the Solve

By | 24 June, 2017

Today, After publishing one of my articles “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Revenue Hits Ads” I went to Google Webmaster tools to submit my URL to fetch it. But after going there I saw the page loading indefinitely with spinning icon. Definitely, I got surprised. Because, I have used lots of time… Read More »