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How to Start a Blog Today

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Today, starting a blog is an excellent way to share some personal ideas on a great variety of subjects, provide the evaluation of different products and services, or even start and develop an online business that allows collaboration with different companies in the future. Besides, it is one of the best ways to promote personal brands and make a considerable amount of money on writing. Nowadays, there is a great variety of tools that can help to create a blog in a couple of minutes and for free or for the symbolic fee. Thus, some easy steps are crucial for creating a well-developed and successful blog that will be interesting for a high number of people.

What are the crucial steps?

First of all, there is a need to monitor several blogging platforms and choose the most appropriate one. Also, it is necessary to choose a domain name, check its availability, and register it. It is important to remember that the domain name is the crucial element as it creates the first impression on the visitors, decreases or increases the ranking position of the blog for the search tools, and briefly explains to the audience its main theme. Various platforms allow getting professional help and technical support that makes starting a blog easy and fun. For sure, if you want to save money and do not pay for the blog at all, it is possible to start it by using one of the numerous sites that demand no fees. Traditionally, such sites provide understandable guides on how to create a blog step by step.


The next important step is to think of a good theme for the blog and design it according to the particular demands. Some platforms demand the additional fee for the exciting and nice-looking themes; nonetheless, there also are a lot of good themes for free that will allow the blog to look interesting, in this way, attracting a new audience.
What is more, it is usually possible to download various themes from the internet and find the one to satisfy all the needs of the blog and match its concept.

Thinking of the name for the blog is another essential step to be mentioned. In fact, all the blogs may be subdivided into three categories: writing about different hobbies, tendencies, news, and passions, sharing with life experience, and personal blogging, where people tend to write about everyday life. The first category includes providing different information about cooking, making car ride reviews, discussing fashion tendencies, writing about travelling, and many others. The second category includes telling different life stories and sharing with personal conclusions. These stories may be about the family, motherhood, work experience, communicating with people, psychological tricks on how to get rid of depression, and many others. Finally, the third category includes a great variety of personal information, would it be daily basis activities, thoughts and considerations on different topics, personal preferences in music, literature, and films. Besides, this category does not demand writing on one particular topic that allows the author to attract the vast audience.

The next step is to write and publish the first post. Thus, it is necessary to go to the general menu and choose the option “posts.” The second step is to create a title and start writing the text. To make the post more attracting to the audience, the writer can add some pictures, photos, and tables related to the chosen topic. Finally, when the post is finished and revised, it can be published by clicking the option “publish.”

A high-quality post with professional photos is a good start, but it is not enough for achieving success in blogging. For that reason, it is essential to remember about such a step as a promotion.

How to grab the target audience?

As the blog gets its start, there usually are only a couple of readers to look through the text and leave some feedback in the field “comments.” Thus, to increase the flow of people, it is necessary to promote it for the prolonged time after the start. To do it, it is possible to link the blog to different social accounts of the writer, would it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and share the post with friends, in this way, significantly increasing the number of readers. What is more, it is crucial for the blogger to make the audience to come back and read new posts. For this purpose, it is efficient to use email marketing and notify the audience about new posts.

Finally, when the blog has become quite popular, and the interesting articles are regularly published, it is a high time to make money on it. In fact, this is the easiest part as it requires no considerable efforts at all. There are many ways to earn money on writing articles for the blog: writing for other blogs, different magazines, and journals, make a thorough review on different products and services, and sell the space on the blog web pages. The most popular application for selling advertising space is Google Adsense as it allows to collaborate with the advertisers effectively and earn a considerable profit with several clicks of the computer mouse.

Taking into account all the information provided above, it is quite easy to create a blog, develop it, and start earning money on writing inspiring articles, making reviews of different products, and selling advertising space.


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