Dry Skin Care in Winter Season

Dry Skin Care in Winter
Dry Skin Care in Winter
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Everyone wants beautiful and smooth skin. When this beautiful skin becomes dry and dirty in winter, it does not feel good anymore. Just like the smooth skin that makes women beautiful, it also inspires the mind. Shout Me crunch brought you today, how you can take skin care in the winter season to get rid of dry flaky skin problem.

Dry Skin Care in Winter Season

The skin becomes dry after the moisturizer decreases in the skin in the winter season. Extra care is needed to care this dry skin. If you want you can make changes in daily eating habits. There are plenty of vegetables in the winter season in markets. Protein, as well as vegetables, can be on the diet list. Decreasing the carbohydrate foods such as rice, reducing the bread will give body, mind and skin freshness. In the morning, you can fold a loaf of bread in a wide variety of vegetables, sprinkle just a little salt and ground pepper powder.

At noon, the bread, the table salad, leafy vegetables, and 1/2 pieces of fishes with meat, the body will feel fresh. For dinner, you can choose soup, milk, a little confectionery. The taste will be brought to the mouth with the help of nutrients such as olive oil, grapefruit, orange, big vitamin C. There is no superior to fruits and vegetables to enhance the health of teeth and gums, skin, eyes and hair.

what to do for dry skin

How to treat extremely dry skin

In addition, the amount of dust in winter is slightly more. But everyone is going out on the streets. You have to be careful to get rid of this dust. You can wear hair scarf when you go out. Washing the hair with a good shampoo every day. Hair can be protected from the dust, and there will be no more disturbances. Hair is to be sprayed at least 1 to 2 times daily. We can massage the hair hot oil massage. If you take a regular bath, your body and mind will be at peace. Before bathing and after sleeping, we can use moisturizing lotion or cream. The signs of cracked ankles are seen in the winter. Before bedtime, mixing water or rose with glycerol, it will return to the heel normal. Manicure or pedicure can be taken out of the house. Use petroleum jellies on the lips, hands, feet, and skin. Using above is the dry skin treatment of the face.

You also have to be mentally healthy all the time. Take a shower every day. Walk as fast as possible; on the morning of the sweet sunny day. The dew will wet grass in empty feet. This will make your mind, skin, body fresh.

Extra Tips for Dry Skin Treatment

  • Use glycerin soap in light hot water by bathing and considering skin type.
    Use moisturizing cream twice a day. It decreases with the dry skin problem.
  • The crack foot is not a problem. Spread the skin on the skin of the hands and feet by mixing equal water with the Vaseline or glycerin on the scab. It is especially good to use before sleeping at night.
  • Clean the lips regularly. It is best not to use the lipstick for the winter time. However, chapsticks and leap glosses are beneficial.
  • Olive oil is very beneficial in skin care; Use at least once a day. Body lotions can also be used. it is the natural oils for dry skin.
  • You can use various herbal products or perfumes in the bath water.
  • It is important to clean the skin once a week.
  • Manicure, pedicure and need to be done twice a month.
  • It is better to eat regular balanced food, plenty of vegetables and fruits. It is best to avoid excess fat.
  • It is better to avoid as many contacts with people. Ii will help you to prevent contact dermatitis which is suggested by a dermatologist.
  • It is important to consult a dermatologist for allergies, eczema and skin diseases.

If you have any query about Dry Skin Care in Winter Season, feel free to participate in comments.

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