What Are Some General Home Safety Tips?

home safety
home safety
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Living in a sophistically styled home can make us forget about home safety measures. No matter how beautiful your house is, if potential safety hazards are lurking somewhere, you are living in danger. Thus, the life of all family members is at risk. These dangers can even be fatal. Therefore, acute measures are mandatory.

Here, I have compiled some general safety tips for you. Follow these tips and live a peaceful life. So, read below:

1.Always Remember Safety Housekeeping

We often forget some minor safety rules in routine life. Though all of us know about these rules, a reminder is necessary. These general practices are mentioned below:

  • Never put decoration pieces, toys, or anything that clutter up the stairs and steps. Putting large pots at the side of the stairs is common. But, this is the biggest mistake. If an age-old family member or even a kid falls from the stairs, the pot can cause a severe head injury.
  • Never let the cords lie on the floor. This can make you fall or trip anytime. You can sit near the plug so that the cord doesn’t stay in the middle. Alternatively, you can buy a cord cover. It covers the entire cord and reduces the chance of mishaps.
  • Always put chemicals, cleaners, and hazardous solutions in a safe place. Make sure that the place is out of reach of children. You can store them in a bathroom cabinet. But, make sure to lock it.
  • Remember to unplug the appliances after every use. A sudden power surge can damage the appliance. Besides this, it can even result in a short circuit, which is highly dangerous.
  • Always keep the drawers, cabinets, and cupboards closed if not in use.

2.Get a Gas Safety Check

Gas leaks can occur anytime. Therefore, a yearly checkup is essential to stay safe. Generally, the house owner bears the gas safety certificate cost and shows the certificate to the tenant. Even after getting the certificate, if you suspect any unusual smell, especially the smell of rotten eggs, you should instantly call a gas engineer.

Furthermore, a detailed inspection of gas pipes and appliances will provide you with peace of mind. Gas leakage is not a joke. It can cause some serious harm to your health and may result in death.

Bonus Tip:

Even after a yearly inspection, keep on checking for leakage. Stand near the gas pipeline and notice if an unusual sound or smell is coming. I have a habit of checking my gas stoves every night before sleeping.

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3.Maintain Home Security

Flood, fire, loss of power, or any other danger can occur anytime. To protect your belongings from all such hazards, a security system is essential. For this, you can install a lock system with an alarm for fire and flood. Additionally, you can buy smoke detectors. But, keep on checking the battery after a month or so. This will ensure that the detectors are working properly.

4.Create a Contingency Plan

Accidents can occur anytime. Therefore, a contingency plan is mandatory to stay safe. From adults to young children, everyone in the house should be aware of this plan. Additionally, visitors, who even come for a short period, should also have a look at it. This will ensure the safety of the entire family.

Include the below-mentioned parts in a plan:

  • Possible emergencies
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Resources to deal with emergencies
  • Individual action in case of urgency
  • Key steps to deal with emergency

Possible emergencies may include fire breakdown, gas leakage, short circuit, etc. If there is a gas leakage issue, closing the main gas supply is essential. The next step is to call the emergency helpline center. However, if the smell of gas is too much and reaching the main supply is impossible, evacuate the house as soon as possible.

Write all these things in different steps so that everyone can understand with ease. Also, paste a paper of emergency contact numbers in your kitchen or at the side of the living room.

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5.Keep Some Rooms Locked

Generally, we only focus on locking the main door. However, intruders are smart and may find some other route to enter the house. Even if no other route is possible, the locked rooms are likely to stay safe in case of theft.

Furthermore, locking rooms like laundry, storeroom, drawing room, etc., can protect the kids. When there are toddlers in the house, monitoring them, 24/7 becomes impossible at times. If you lock the door, chances of getting injured and breaking things will automatically reduce.

Similarly, when the kitchen is not in use, lock it. Sharp objects like knives, forks, and other kitchen utensils can cause harm to the children. Apart from it, hot pans, a stove, and a gas oven is another big danger for the house with toddlers.

6.Set Floor Cleaning and Management Rules

A wet floor is another common cause of injuries, especially spinal injury. Children, on the other hand, also fell easily on a wet floor. Therefore, everyone in the house should know some floor cleaning rules. Even if the maids are cleaning the house floor, they should know common rules like:

  • No liquid should be left on the floor
  • The floor should always be dry
  • After a wet mop, use a dry one to completely dry the floor
  • Open fans to dry the wet floor
  • Do not use chemicals and liquids that make the floor slippery

Follow Safety Rules to Make your House a Safe Place to Live

All in all, house safety should be our prime objective. From major safety steps to minute precautionary measures, everything should be done to ensure maximum safety. Things like gas safety, door alarms, door locks, and emergency plans can contribute towards home safety. Besides this, floor cleaning and housekeeping rules should be set.

Decorative items, sharp objects, and glass materials should be kept out of children’s reach. Similarly, chemicals and hazardous materials should be kept in a safe place. Lastly, all family members should know and follow the basic safety rules.

So, implement these rules from today to enjoy a peaceful and safe life.

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