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What are the Natural remedies for dizziness and balance?

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Dizziness is a common condition experienced by a large percentage of people, at least once in a lifetime irrespective of age and gender. The feeling of lightheadedness where a person loses balance or may experience disequilibrium is known as dizziness. Fainting, nausea & vomiting are often accompanied by dizziness. The symptoms of dizziness may resolve itself over time if the case is not complex.

But, sometimes dizziness symptoms may trigger and can lead to a serious health condition that requires immediate medical attention. Home remedies for dizziness are counted as the best dizziness treatment which eases the episodes of dizzy spells. If you are experiencing bouts of dizziness for a prolonged period it can even be a result of vertigo conditions. It can be treated well at home with certain vertigo home remedies.


Vertigo dizziness can be caused due to various other factors responsible for causing vertigo conditions in patients. BPPV, Meniere disease, acoustic neuroma, etc. are some of the common causes of vertigo dizziness that makes the person lose balance and feel dizzy. Consulting an expert neurologist is recommended if the symptoms do not alleviate or show any signs of improvement after following natural remedies for dizziness and balance.

Natural remedies for dizziness

Here is a list of some dizziness treatments that help in treating the bouts of dizziness

  1. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Stay hydrated

Dizziness can often be caused by simple dehydration. Lack of a sufficient amount of fluid in the body can make a person dizzy or lose balance, which can result in fainting. Dehydration is the most common cause of vertigo and dizziness. A human body constitutes 78% of water. The inefficiency of water content in the body can cause various other ailments apart from vertigo & dizziness. If the condition is neglected completely, slight negligence towards dehydration can even make vertigo condition worse. Keep your body hydrated is one of the best vertigo treatments which can be followed by anyone easily.

Drinking plenty of water every day helps in minimizing the recurring episodes of vertigo. It is advised by the health care that drinking a minimum of 8 to 12 cups of water per day keeps the body hydrated. Drinking healthy fluids like juices and consuming plenty of water keeps dizzy spells at an array. It is recommended to consume extra water after heavy physical activity like lifting weights and so on to maintain the water balance of the body which is excreted out from the body in the form of sweat. Staying hydrated prevents you from all the ailments and is counted as one of the best home remedies for dizziness.

  1. Try an herbal supplement known as Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

An herbal supplement known as Ginkgo Biloba is a Chinese herb that is very effective in treating vertigo spells. It is counted as one of the best vertigo dizziness treatments as it helps in managing vertigo symptoms quite fast.

Ginkgo Biloba is readily available in the market in various forms. A regular dose of Ginkgo Biloba helps in regaining the balance as it manages the blood flow to the brain. A recent survey reports that it is as effective as certain medicines for vertigo and dizziness.

  1. Practicing repositioning maneuver is counted as best balance home remedies

If a person is experiencing dizzy spells due to BPPV vertigo, practicing Epley Maneuver at home after the doctor’s guidance, helps in alleviating primary symptoms of vertigo to a greater extent. Your doctor will guide you with the right techniques and measures for practicing balance exercises.

Regular practice of Epley maneuver at home helps in repositioning the calcium crystals which blocks the vestibular nerve responsible for sending sensory signals from the inner ear to the brain. The doctor may even advise you with various maneuvers depending on the underlying cause of vertigo dizziness.  Brandt Daroff exercise, Semont maneuver, Barbeque maneuver are some other repositioning maneuvers that can help in easing out dizziness and balance issues at home.

  1. Take diet rich in Vitamin D

Intake of a diet rich in vitamin D is the best vertigo treatment at home. It helps in preventing vertigo conditions to a greater extent. Lack of vitamin D may trigger BPPV vertigo conditions. Making some changes in your dietary habits by including a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in your diet helps in easing out vertigo dizziness condition. Egg yolk, milk & orange juice are some of the good sources of Vitamin D that prevents and cure vertigo conditions.

  1. Drink Ginger tea twice a day

Ginger tea benefit

Ginger is well known for its curative properties and health benefits. It can be easily found in every household and is one of the most trusted ingredients for ages to treat health conditions. Roots of ginger can treat dizziness and balance issues to a greater extent. Make it a habit of drinking 2 cups of ginger tea daily. It helps in alleviating sudden bouts of dizziness

  1. Eat a handful of almonds regularly

Almonds are a rich source of vitamins that helps in combating various health issues. Include almonds in your daily diet as it helps in easing out issues of vertigo dizziness naturally. Make it a habit of eating a handful of almonds regularly as it helps in resolving balance issues apart from various other health benefits. 

  1. Acupressure is one of the best treatments


Various health issues are treated well with acupressure. Apart from various other ailments in the body, Vertigo and dizziness can be treated well by practicing acupressure techniques at home. It is counted as one of the best natural home remedies for dizziness. Acupressure stimulates the pressure points throughout the body which helps in dealing with balance issues.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey is counted as one of the best vertigo home remedies for treating the condition. Take two scoops of honey and 1 scoop of apple cider vinegar to treat vertigo dizziness.

Following certain home remedies for dizziness can ease the issues within no time and prevents the case from getting complex. If you are experiencing repeated episodes of vertigo dizziness for a prolonged time, and natural remedies for treating dizziness and balance issues are not showing any results, consulting an expert neurologist is recommended without any delay.

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