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New Age Medicine Trends

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If you’re interested in what’s new in the field of medicine, you’re in luck. Every year, we get new and exciting trends that are threatening to change the shape of medicine as we know it, so it’s a smart idea to get the hang of these trends in advance. Here are just some of the most prominent new age medicine trends that will definitely improve patients’ satisfaction, treatment outcomes, and treatment techniques.

New Age Medicine Trends

Surgery videos
More and more patients are acting as consumers who have a choice in their healthcare and are trying to make the best decision when it comes to their procedures. So, it’s not a surprise that specialists like Dr. Timothy Steel choose to upload operation videos for their patients. These show and explain the methods and allow people to prepare for surgery both physically and mentally. Knowing what to expect helps many people opt for surgery and choose their specialist as well as overcome their fears and anxieties. A patient that is under less stress could have a faster and more pleasant recovery and surgery experience.

Surgery Videos

Telemedicine is a new trend that encompasses various technologies. All in all, telemedicine helps doctors and personnel spend more time with their patients since hospital rounds and quick hospital visits no longer have to be done in person. They can be done from a remote location virtually. Telemedicine allows patients and doctors to create a long-lasting relationship and access new knowledge quickly and easily. For instance, with video monitoring in hospital rooms, specialists are able to keep an eye on their patients at all times. Things like colds and sore throats no longer need a vis-à-vis meeting but can be conducted over a smartphone or other device.

Virtual reality learning
Dissecting frogs to learn anatomy was once the only way to get knowledge and experience. However, those days might be over thanks to virtual reality technology. Some schools of medicine already have anatomy labs filled with student stations that include 4k monitors, interactive whiteboards and customs desks. VR (Virtual Reality) can be used for other things too such as practicing crisis situations, having virtual tours and even studying organs and organ scans in 3D.

New Age Medicine Trends

This might seem like a page ripped straight out of your Sci-Fi novel, but external skeleton devices are already present. While they are still in their early stage of development, in the future, we can expect to use them in everything from body support to body protection. There are already various trials that are helping paralyzed people walk with the use of exoskeletons, as well as stroke or spinal injury rehabilitation programs that help recovery by using external devices. The trend is going strong today, but we can only imagine its potential for the future!

AI and medicine
Artificial Intelligence is rapidly developing, especially when it comes to the use of AI in medicine. Even though machines will never replace real doctors (they lack human qualities like sympathy and compassion), they can work as a reliable support system for specialists. Additionally, AI is excellent when it comes to clearly defined tasks that require a simple binary classification. In one experiment, the Artificial Intelligence received photographs of suspicious skin lesions. The output was a simple diagnosis: benign or malign. Under these circomestances, AI demonstrated great sensitivity which resulted in inaccurate results. So, in the future, we can expect to see doctors working closely with Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to diagnosis.

3D printed drugs
3D printing has many uses in medicine from prosthetics to new tools; however, there’s a new use that packs a lot of potentials. 3D printing allows the idea of personalized medicine to take form by providing experts with a mean to create entirely customized tablets. These 3D printed meds can be particularly beneficial and life-saving for patients who respond to the same drug in different ways. It might also allow the printing of complex, layered medication that consists of combinations of drugs to treat multiple diseases at once. A single pill that can offer treatment for all the ailments is convenient.

Cannabis and cannabinoids
In the last few years, medical marijuana is gaining a lot of popularity. Cannabis and cannabinoids that are prescribed by a physician can stop the progression of various diseases and alleviate the symptoms of different ailments. They can be used to treat weight loss, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and secretions. Additionally, many symptoms of ALS can be alleviated with the use of cannabis, as well as various cancer symptoms and other conditions like narcolepsy and eating disorders. All in all, the medical marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and the trend of cannabis use in medicine is only getting stronger.

High-tech recovery
Ever since we saw sports giants like Kyrie Irving and Michel Phelps use a Theragun before hitting the court and pool, it didn’t take long until this personal handheld massager developed by chiropractors became a new age, self-care craze. Today, everyone wants a high-tech machine that will provide them with easily-obtainable recovery services. Products like Theragun allow people to use these tools at home and get deep muscle relief without having to book appointments with therapists. This trend of home fitness offerings is only expected to grow and become a separate branch in the fitness industry.

Circadian rhythm apps
Our lives are becoming more and more hectic and stressful which manifests itself in various lifestyle disturbances, one of which is sleep disruption. Plus, the constant exposure to blue light from our laptops and smartphones is also upsetting our melatonin production and affecting sleep negatively. So, many people choose to track their sleep schedule with apps and improve their sleep routine. These iOS and Android applications not only encourage better sleep but also educate users on what circadian rhythm is and how to better understand it.

Final Thoughts

Some of these trends are already here while others are expected to make a boom in medicine in a few years, but they will all definitely change some aspect of healing as we have it today. Hopefully, we will all benefit from these new age medicine trends and technologies and end up with effective and pleasant medical treatments.

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