How Regular Exercise Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

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According to experts, a proper exercise plan could be useful in reducing the side effects of cancer treatment, and that may include neuropathy, fatigue and weakness, diminished range of motion, depression, and lymphedema. Regular exercise has been instrumental in reducing cancer risk. However, before incorporating regular exercise into your recovery plan, you must follow the tips discussed below for staying healthy and safe.

Discuss Side Effects of the Treatment with Your Doctor

It is incredibly critical to talk to your doctor and discuss the side effects of the cancer treatment. You must know what you would be going through after the cancer therapy. Once you obtain the vital information, you could chalk out an effective workout plan that caters to your unique requirements. For instance, some medicines could be triggering soreness of the muscles or joints while others could increase dehydration risk or adversely impact your balance.

Know About Radiation Oncology

In case you had to go through surgery as part of your cancer treatment, you must ask your oncologist to tell you about the lymph nodes and the muscles that were affected. Suppose you are at a significant risk of getting lymphedema which involves an abnormal fluid buildup in the soft tissue, it is always best to consider scheduling an appointment with an experienced lymphedema therapist. A qualified therapist could be guiding you in chalking out your exercise plan after monitoring your present condition meticulously. 


Get Proper Testing Done to Enable Correct & Timely


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Set Clear Goals

It is always good to have both long-term and short-term workout and fitness goals. You could consider losing weight and boosting muscle mass. You could be aiming for improving your present range of motion, or just enhancing your mood. Irrespective of the goals that you have identified, you could be modifying them to adequately reflect the various alterations in your family life, work, and health.

Exercise When You Are High on Energy

Your fatigue and pain levels would keep fluctuating from one day to another or even on an hour to hour basis. Keep monitoring your energy level all day long and determine the best time to start exercising. If you are bubbling with energy after a brief nap in the afternoon, you could choose that time as the right time to perform the exercises.


Follow Flexible Schedules

You must follow flexible timings when it comes to doing regular exercises after cancer therapy or treatment. You must do the activities only if you feel like doing them. You must listen to the dictates of your body. Stop doing the exercises if you are feeling unwell and not up to it. Consistency is the key to good health. But you are free to reschedule your routine or make necessary adjustments in your exercises according to your physical condition and the current state of mind.


If you are new to the concept of exercising every day, there is no point in rushing. Keep adding an activity slowly. Once you start feeling better, you could boost the level of that activity or consider incorporating another one.

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