Why social media integration is crucial for app developers

social media integration
social media integration
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Mobile apps are already available in the app market and improving by leaps and bounds. The era accounts for 1.85 million different apps available for users to download. The jaw-dropping fact is that around 56 million apps are available through Google Play Store.

So now you must be wondering what makes social media integration crucial for app developers. The consequence of the demand for quality is that the app developers always consider the innovative strategies in the highest possible way. It’s time to learn why social media integration is so important for app developers.

What exactly is Social Media Integration?

Whenever the business realizes that they can reach more people using the most social media platforms, they consider social media integration the ultimate step. 74% of the customers’ buying decision is based on the positive interactions they have with the brand on social media.

Social media integration refers to the marketing strategy that allows leveraging social channels to extend existing branding efforts. That said, today, Social Media Integration is finding support everywhere, from the blog site to featuring the live Twitter feeds. They’re also incorporating the share buttons. Better acceleration by the users turns out to be favorable only with the implementation of the social media integration.

In this article, you will come to know about the benefits of social media integration.

List of the benefits of integrating social media in mobile app

1. Improved Connectivity

One of the top reasons why you should integrate social media is to guarantee improved connectivity. You will have to always look for a better place for showcasing the app to the rest of the world, and the ultimate platform for the same is social media. One of the major advantages is that you can get access to a limited number of current and potential users of the app with the help of social media integration.

Around 54% of social browsers are using social media to research products. Sounds interesting? More buyers are getting access to social media networks and looking for reviews and recommendations. That said, you can get the scope of interacting, sharing ideas while also giving a better overview of the apps, features while enjoying the benefits to the fullest. People are also considering the different ways of making these apps quite attractive to the users.

Be creative in the approach and consider the app icon’s testing with the dozen backgrounds to find out the best suitable one for you. When users find your app enticing, they start becoming more educated regarding your business and know the benefits you provide to them. Top app development companies are also using connectivity to make sure about the business survival.

2. Better Customer Satisfaction

Social media turns out to be the best platform to build the opportunity to communicate with app users. The interesting fact is that 43% of consumers have increased their use of social media to discover new products and brands. Users always love appreciating your efforts in humanizing the app.

Consequently, you can expect the increased customer satisfaction with the result like the increased app downloads and usage. At times, it becomes crucial to integrate your mobile app with social media platforms.

Social media turns out to be the basis for creating and improving the app’s publicity. Many pro developmental companies use social media to drive customer satisfaction. Integrate social media while developing your mobile app and enjoy the benefits.

3. High Conversion Rate

Social media gives the perfect range of options for the app’s visibility to the right audience across the globe. It can give a range of opportunities for the higher conversion rate of the app. Integration of social media with app development makes sure to give you the best results.

You can also get interactive sessions with the right audience with the help of the video, blogs, or many other things regarding the app. With this, you can also set the standard for the personification of the brand. With the help of social media channels, it becomes easier for users to download the apps.

Always make sure the people who are more interested in your app get personalized support from your app. Remember that social media is a place where many people connect with their loved ones and a lot of people.

4. Increased Downloads and Usage

Around 90% of brands want to build brand awareness through social media, and also 77% of them use it to maintain brand reputation.

Social media sites are now better intertwined with the apps because they increase the likeness of downloading the links while browsing the social media feed. That said, the strategy is the best one for giving the scope to the users to download the app, thus leading to a higher conversion rate.

The social media login is the best one because it can speed up the entire login process with the help of social sites. Thus, it is favorable for giving the boost to the overall sales. Besides that, you cannot expect the higher usage standing up and with shortened time for login. People feel more attracted to using the app. Social media sites also find continuous updates. More visits do ensure, resulting in higher usage.

5. The Improved Chances of Popularity, Exposure, and Visibility

You can expect grand success with social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and many others. Social media is everywhere, and people are getting access to it for lots of purposes.

Around 71% of the brands are opting for social media integration for building and managing an engaged community. 61% are also noticing increased conversions. Integration of the app with a social media site makes sure about allowing the users to share the activities on them.

The viral campaign on social media platforms can ensure a huge boost for the app and fetch exceptional returns compared to many other mass marketing campaigns.

6. Gathering Data for Analytics while Improving Forecasts and Suggestions

Social media integration turns out to be the best way to get some interesting and useful data regarding the users’ behavior patterns. 50% of the businesses are gaining customer or market insights with the integration with social media.

That said, you can also get concise information regarding the likes, dislikes, frequency of their activities, the type of comments they’re sharing, and similar other details. With that, you can also improve the forecast and the suggestions.

Integrate social media during mobile app development for Gathering data for analytics. The users on social media are always suggesting to the brands what kind of changes they should bring.

You can conduct market research with such customer details while identifying the target groups and optimizing the promotional campaigns appropriately. It will be a powerful campaign for getting recommendations that will give quick support to your business.

How to Integrate Social Media Platforms into Mobile Applications?

Integrating social media in app development needs specific steps to follow:

  • Include visible click-to-add (CTA) social media buttons on the app to see them and share posts/ articles. Allow getting access to your app by using social media accounts.
  • Offer an extra discount, gift, or voucher that will entice them to buy your products.
  • After building a good user base, work on more engagements. Encourage in-app purchases and offer rewards when they’re inviting friends to try out the app.

Key Takeaways

The integration of social media in app development turns out to be an effective way for increasing the customer base. So, now be ready to boost the business returns while improving the user experience.

We just hope that the information that we have shared here is valuable for giving you the knowledge regarding the steps you should take for your next social media integration project.

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