How To Redeem A Steam Gift Card Or Wallet Codes

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In this 21st century, who doesn’t love gifts and rewards? And that too, if we get gifts at the time of purchasing new items, it is always an extra joy to receive gifts as a bonus.

Therefore, many retailers had come with the idea of gift cards given to the customer while visiting the store for the first time. It has been used as a promotional strategy to invite more customers and reach many customers.

Its usage is straightforward. We are given an electronic card that looks like a credit card at the time of purchase. Specific points are added to the card with the initial investment. So the next time we can purchase something which comes within the credit limit and get the item with cashless payment, It is easier for people to buy cashless as they don’t want to take cash everywhere.

Nowadays, shopping has mostly become online, and online gift cards are also available such as for Amazon, Myntra, etc.

Steam gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to purchase games and gifts online.

Steps to Redeem

Redeeming a steam gift card involves the following steps.

  • Create a new steam account if you don’t have an account on
  • After creating the account, click on the username on the right-hand side of the screen and select account details.
  • Then there is an option called add funds to your wallet. Click that.
  • Then click the link labeled: Redeem the steam wallet code.
  • Enter the code given in your card and press redeem.
  • Your card is now redeemed, and it can be used to purchase games and gifts.

You can also redeem your gift card by physically visiting the store where you purchased the card, there you have to say the code in the card to the person in the account section, and he will redeem your card.

With more people using, they have made several changes for the people to use it in a more natural way.

Gift cards were more prevalent in the U.S and U.K than India. In 2012, nearly 50 percent of the people had purchased gift cards during the holiday season. Though gift cards can be used for purchases, it can be used only until a specific limit. Individual gift cards have an expiry date and should be used before that.

Therefore the customers are always advised to carry the gift card whenever they come for purchase to use it in their best way. To make it easier, mobile virtual cards are also used. It is delivered to the recipient via email or SMS and can be stored on the phone. The significant advantage is that it cannot be lost, and the time can be saved spending to physically buy a gift card. Virtual gift cards assist you in getting rewards easily.

Confident people do not redeem their vouchers, and this has been a secondary profit for the retailers. That is why gift cards are the right way of increasing your business, both commercially and economically. 

Be Cautious

While there are these many good things in the usage of gift cards, there are also many scams happening due to this. Certain scammers call and give excuses such as emergencies and ask to make payments through your cards. You can also receive emails such as. You have won the lottery. You can get it by sending the code, after which your money will be looted. It is challenging to get your money back in these cases because it is complicated to track the person responsible for this.

So you should be very cautious while using these cards. Don’t share your code with anyone because it is not necessary. Gift cards are meant for purchases and not for payments, so don’t believe such calls. Even if you are getting a reward through your card, it should be officially sent from the retail shop where you purchased the card and not from anyone else.

If it is from someone unknown, then it’s not true. You should not believe and send your details because your bank account details can also be asked so that they can transfer the reward to your account. Don’t get yourself into trouble Beware!! of these happenings!!


Since India is getting digital, nowadays, online gift cards will be increased as people will prefer purchasing online on online platforms. You can know more about this topic with the help of this site. Even platforms like those are coming with new strategies off late, attracting customers as the competition of online markets are getting higher.

Gift cards will be very much used in the future as cashless transactions will be more in practice shortly than now, so we need to know how gift cards and wallet code works.

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