8 Surprising Superfoods That Are Good for Teeth

Surprising Superfoods
Surprising Superfoods
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Teeth are of utmost significance as your smile is the first thing that people notice in you. Not only that, but your oral health also has a significant impact on overall health.

You are what you eat“- This is one adage that you may have heard several times before and the food that you eat is not just vital for your strength build-up, immunity, and other bodily functions but also for the oral health. healthy teeth happen to be the best indicators of the overall health.

Superfoods for teeth

Your oral health is affected by everything that you put into your mouth. The foods are of great importance as far as the mouth is concerned. Eating and teething, in fact, always go hand in hand. So choosing the right foods for your teeth is critically important!

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But the best dental advice and diet plans mostly fail to bring forth the foods that you should eat for the benefit of your teeth.

However, the good news is that the foods that contribute towards the strengthening of the teeth are actually quite delicious and your teeth will thank you for the food that you consume when you choose those.

But most people are not aware of the foods that are good for their teeth. So here an attempt is being made to help you with the choice.

8 Surprising Superfoods That Are Good for Teeth



It is a popular thing that cheese is rich in calcium but very few people know that cheese is also enriched with phosphate that helps to neutralize the pH level of the mouth. For preventing gum ailment and cavity formation, balancing the pH level of the mouth is absolutely crucial. The moment we eat something, acid is formed in the mouth that takes around 30 minutes for neutralizing. Finishing the meal with the cheese may actually assist to get the pH back quickly. This way the exposure of acid on the teeth can be reduced.



Polyphenols are compounds that are found in green and black teas. They assist in slowing the growth of the bacteria that are associated with gum ailment and cavities. Research has shown that people who have rinsed their mouths with black tea for about 60 seconds, about 10 times every day, are reported to have less build-up of plaque as compared with those who use water to rinse the mouth. Moreover, the stickiness and size of the plaque are also decreased because of that. Tea is known to cut the ability of one type of bacteria to be clumped with other bacteria. Halitosis or bad breath is also reduced by tea or black tea. Polyphenols suppress the bacteria genes that are responsible for controlling the production of smelly compounds.

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Shiitake Mushroom


The mushroom is loaded with the antioxidant properties, and when you consume mushrooms, they help in reducing those fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth. These lines are responsible for decreasing the value of your smile. Again, lentinan which is a kind of polysaccharide is another hidden benefit of mushrooms. Lentinan comes with excellent antibacterial and healing properties that deter the bacteria growth in the mouth.

Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Crunchy Fruits

The green vegetables and fruits are not only great for overall health but also for your teeth. These foods are high in water that helps to dilute sugars. Not just that, but they also help to clean the teeth because of their excessive fiber content. Certain veggies and fruits also have vitamin C that helps to boost the health of gums by building collagen.



The naturally sweet raisins do not contain table sugar or sucrose. The bacteria actually stick to the surface of the teeth because of sugar resulting in the production of plaque. Phytochemicals are contained in raisins the may kill the cavity-causing plaque bacteria. Some compounds in the raisins also affect the bacteria growth associated with gum ailment.



Onions are certainly a superfood for you even though the consumption of onion can give rise to bad breath. The chewing on onions can help in alleviating the tooth pain although it’s not proven by research yet and onions are also a great way of fighting with the bacteria in the mouth. To get rid of the foul breath after having onion you should chew on mint leaves or drink mint tea.


Salmon Fish

Salmon, happens to be greatly beneficial for your oral health. It is an excellent source of phosphorus which is a mineral that helps to rebuild tooth enamel. Moreover, it is also rich in a type of omega-3 fat known as docosahexaenoic acid that can help in preventing periodontal disease. So you should include salmon in your diet as much as possible.


Glass of Water

Finally, water is one of the most crucial ingredients without which maintaining your pearly whites, and your oral health is almost impossible. You must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water that is essential for keeping your overall as well as your oral health. It also assists in the saliva formation that has a great natural cleansing property for the mouth. Apart from the salivation, water acts as a cleanser for the teeth and keep your mouth hydrated. In dry condition, the anaerobic bacteria that are prone to develop in dry conditions accomeulate in the mouth, and the mouth ambiance becomes more vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. So you do not have to go for common tooth cavity treatment if you drink an optimum amount of water each and every day that will not only benefit your overall health but also your oral health.

Apart from the above, several types of nuts and almost all types of airy products assist in strengthening the teeth and enhancing your oral health. But remember that to retain the health of your teeth and gums you must brush and floss regularly and visit the office of your dentist at least twice a year. This way you can prevent any severe issue affecting your mouth, and you will be able to flaunt a beautiful and healthy smile for years to come.

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