42 BCS Question Solve

42 BCS question solve
42 BCS question solve
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42 BCS Question Solve is the cake you really want after 26 February’s Exam. 42nd BCS is special for doctors. If you want to get the Question solve of 42 Special BCS, Bookmark this website Shout Me Crunch. We will provide the 100% accurate question solution as soon as we ready it.

42 BCS Question Solve

42 BCS Question Solve will be available in PDF and image here. BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission) has announced the application starts on 7 December 2020. During Corona Outbreak, it was a major decision to take again about twenty thousand doctors for special recruitment. During corona, twenty thousand more doctors were recruited from 39 BCS.

42 BCS question solve

Previously Shout Me Crunch Already published the 39 BCS Question Solve and 39 BCS Gazette.

42 BCS Question Solve PDF Download

BPSC published its application announcement on 30 November 2020.

The Question Solve is given below:

42 BCS Question Solve

Our Team is working hard to solve the Questions.

What will be the Cut mark for 42 BCS?

After giving the 42 BCS, everyone is asking the same question about the cut mark of 42 BCS. The question seems to be hard and 110 should be the cut mark for 42 BCS from the expert opinions from Shout me Crunch.

English Part Answer for 42 BCS

English Part Answer for 42 BCS

  1. What is the correct indirect form of He, “You had better see a doctor”
    A. He advised him to see a doctor.
    B. He advised that he should see a doctor.
    C. He suggested that he seen a doctor.
    D. He proposed to see a doctor.
    Ans: A
  2. Identify the word that remains the same in plural form.
    A. deer
    B. horse
    C. elephant
    D. tiger
    Ans: A
  3. Which word is correct?
    A. Furnitures
    B. Informations
    C. Scenaries
    D. proceeds
    Ans: D
  4. To doctor an animal means
    A. To treat it
    B. To sterilize it
    C. to poison it
    D. To cure it
    Ans: B
  5. The word “flying” in the sentence “Look at the flying bird” is –
    A. gerund
    B. participle
    C. verbal noun
    D. gerundial infinitive
  6. Identify the determiner in the sentence “Bring me that book”
    A. Bring
    B. me
    C. that
    D. book
  7. “A Passage to India” is written by-
    A. E M Forster
    B. Nirad C Chauhuri
    C. Rudyard Kipling
    D. Walt Whitman
    Ans: A
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