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8 New Zealand Camping Sites You must Visit in 2020

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Outdoors is a fabulous option for having a great pass time. While you feel warm in the summers, you can opt-out for some adventuring activities outdoors. Well, camping is the most suitable outdoor sports activity for the warm months. You can feel the fresh winds, and you can sense nature at its full charm. In this article, specifically, we are going to inform you about the best camping sites in New Zealand. This write-up is the list of eight of the best camping sites in New Zealand that you must visit in 2020. Set your tents ready to enjoy 2020 summers!

8 New Zealand Camping Sites


Matauribay Holiday Park, Northland:

While you take a turn of your campervan to the northeast of the Kerikeri township in the Bay of islands, you reach the marvelous Matauri Bay Holiday Park in Northland. It is among the topmost camping sites in the northern part of New Zealand with exceptional services for hiking, camping, and accommodation. The national park has fantastic fishing spots, dainty diving places, walking areas, tricky tramps, and diligent day tours. The breathtaking landmarks of the Matauri Bay are worth visiting. The trip to secluded Cape Reinga is the wonder in this world for explorers. You can start your camping here!

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Matauribay Holiday Park, Northland

(Urupukapuka Bay Campsite), Bay of Islands:

The biggest campsite in the Northlands of New Zealand is a synonym to Urupukapuka Bay Campsite. Located in the captivating coastal of the island, Urupukapuka has stunning spots for camps, beautiful beaches, fascinating fishing sites, kayaks, and wondrous walking trails. The campsite has a composting bathroom, Restaurants, and cafes in the Otehei Bay, and shops for shopping and other services nearest to Russell. You can enjoy the unlimited camping activities herein the place and experience the excellence of warm months. The Urupukapuka campsite remains crowded, and therefore, pre-bookings are a must before you plan to land your tents on the place. The place has perfect weather to pop open a bottle of your favorite Weller Bourbon whiskey while enjoying the scenery in front of you.

(Pouakai Hut), North Island:

After you land in Auckland, you must think of starting your camp from the northern islands. Mount Taranaki is another astonishing mountain in New Zealand that is a funnel-shaped volcano structure. You can view the incredibility of this mountain by camping at the Pouakai Hut Campground. Kiwis prefer hiking, walking, and exploring this campsite, and thus, it is not much famous among foreigners. While staying at the Pouakai Hut, you can rent the hut or else choose to camp on your own. Distanced at 20 minutes of the walking journey, Lake Tarn is a must-visit place from the Pouakai Hut.

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(Mount Maunganui):

Mount Maunganui is a mountainous town along the sea of New Zealand which is continuously attracting tourists since the 1930s. The 232-meters tall cliff gives outstanding views that you will never want to leave your campsite. At the base of the mountain, the Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park has flourished so well that it becomes an appealing campsite during summers. You can see the mountain bathing in the sunlight during the daytime. You can get relaxed in sands. You can swim deep into the chilling waters. The campsite is perfect for your campervan, has major amenities and impressive BBQ restaurants.

(Pohara Beach Holiday Park), Golden Bay:

More than just a holiday park at the top of the southern islands of New Zealand, Pohara Beach Park is in the Golden Bay. The sun kisses the waters of the bay every day and makes it golden! The Te Waikoropupu Springs, Kahurangi National Park, and Abel Tasman National Park are the closest sites to Pohara, which are splendid. People flood-up the beach in summers to see the aquamarine waters and the complementary views. You can go kayaking, trekking, farewell horse rides, on the beautiful beaches of Pohara Holiday Park. I am sure you won’t wish to end your camping at Pohara!

(Poukaraka Flats), Waiheke Island:

The Poukaraka Flats campground is the crown of the southern island’s campsites. The island campsite welcomes all the people friendly, and it is the perfect beach for the children as well. The campground instills the very primary facilities like water, power supply, kitchen amenities, and restrooms. No pets are allowed with you at the campsite. Whakanewha regional park is the home to Poukaraka flats and other camping activities too! You can go exploring the beaches, the swimming sites, and the nearby landmarks while you are camping. The main attractions are the ancient reserves and the dense forests of the campground.

(Poukaraka Flats), Waiheke Island

(Artur’s Pass):

A jewel National Park in the South Islands, Artur’s Pass is a perfect place between mountains to camp. You must drive your vehicle with discovery 2 roof rack for two hours from the Christchurch to reach Artur’s Pass. If you continue driving, you will escape to the western landscapes of New Zealand. The National park offers some exciting hiking options with a company of Kea birds all the time along. The roads passing between the flats will feel you protected among the mountains and will allow you to camp in some of the best locations. Try camping areas of Klondyke and Avalanche!

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(Mueller Hut):

New Zealand has numerous national parks nestled in its province. The landscapes are beyond beautiful, and the spots have majestically painted by nature. I want you to know about Mount Cook National Park, which claims to the prettiest among all the others. The core attraction is the Mueller Hut that sets amidst the white glaciers of Mount Cook. The Mueller Hut has a toilet in the middle of the snow-covered mountains that adds character to your camp plan. The panoramic views of the Hooker Valley and the surrounding snowslides will make you realize the worth of camping at Mueller Hut!

The Concluding Tip – People are always in a dilemma about exploring the northern or southern islands of New Zealand. Trust me, both the ends of the country are equally flawless. For your convenience, you can start camping from the north after once you have landed in Auckland!

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