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The Advantages of a Bidet for the Elderly

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The bidet is gradually gaining popularity in Western countries, especially the USA, Canada, and Australia, as it should. Its health benefits have been known for decades and it’s widely used in Europe, Asia, and South America.

It is both practical and economical, as well as eco-friendly and highly hygienic.

Its advantages for the elderly are the reason why it’s being installed in many households where an elderly member lives. Here’s how an elderly person can benefit from regularly using a bidet.

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Personal hygiene gets easier

Many elderly people have similar problems with personal hygiene as people with disabilities. They often find it very difficult or impossible to take care of their personal hygiene on their own, so there needs to be a caregiver (a family member or a professional) who will tend to their needs when they are in the bathroom.

By installing an attachable bidet, personal hygiene becomes easier for both the elderly person and the caregiver. The bidet provides water pressure, which cleans the genital and rectal areas without having to use manual intervention. As many bidets come with a water jet and air-dry features, many elderly people will be able to clean themselves. In other words, it will be much more comfortable for the elderly person to let the bidet clean their intimate parts than to let the caregiver do it manually.


Prevention of infections

Seniors will notice a higher level of comfort and cleanliness when using a bidet instead of toilet paper but they will also be better protected from the potential bladder or urogenital infections, which are frequent in women as they age. The anal sphincter also changes physiologically throughout the years, and a bidet makes cleaning it easier and less painful.

Many bidets come with dual nozzles, allowing the elderly to thoroughly clean their private parts, as well as to have proper feminine cleansing, reducing the risk of infections.

Fewer necessary movements

Many seniors have issues with a limited range of motion due to pain in the back, legs or a specific illness. Most bidets come in handy for those seniors, as they don’t require a lot of movements from the elderly in order to take care of their hygiene.

Some people find it problematic to wipe themselves, and using a bidet properly makes it completely unnecessary due to adjustable nozzles. Also, it takes less exertion to use a bidet than to reach out to wipe yourself after going to the bathroom. It will suffice to use the adjustable knobs to turn on the water and wash. Also, if it’s difficult for the elderly person to dry themselves with a cloth or a rag, some bidets have a drying function – they spray warm air onto the skin.

A fewer number of baths and showers

Using a bidet every time after going to the bathroom may reduce the number of times the elderly person feels they have to take a shower or a bath. Using just a toilet paper can make them feel unclean after a while, forcing them to take a shower, which can already pose a problem to them due to physical weakness or illness. Toilet paper does not remove all the residue, waste and germ, which could easily make the person feel they are not clean enough.

baths and showers for elderly

Bidet seat recommendations for the elderly

Bidets, in general, are beneficial for the elderly but in order to get maximum benefits and highest possible comfort, the following are the best bidet types for seniors:

1. Bidet seats with wireless remote controls

There are many bidet seat control options, but the two most frequently used methods are wireless remote controls and sidearm control panels.

Sidearm control panels are attached to the seat itself. However, seniors with mobility limitations, visual impairments, or dexterity issues may find them difficult to operate with.

Bidet seats with a wireless remote with large buttons are a better option for seniors and disabled people. They are easier to navigate, while the large buttons will reduce the chance of pressing the wrong button. Remotes are also larger, and they come with large-sized buttons, too, making it suitable for using feet, if that’s an easier option for the elderly individual.

2. Bidet seats with an aerated wash

Another recommendable bidet feature is the aerated wah feature – in infuses air bubbles into the spray. This makes the wash gentler, relaxing the tender or painful areas and protecting the sensitive skin.

3. Bidet seats with a warm air dryer

In case the elderly individual has difficulties with mobility and dexterity, they can find it hard to use the toilet paper. Shifting or standing can also pose a problem to those who need an assistant if they have poor balance. This is why a bidet seat that features a warm air dryer eliminates the need for toilet paper completely. The warm air temperature can also be adjusted to be comfortable for sensitive skin. And it is a gentler method than using a cloth or toilet paper to dry the skin.

Final words

A bidet is not beneficial only to the elderly but also for everybody who wants to take proper care of their intimate hygiene. If we add the fact that bidets make the elderly more independent and make their lives easier, it’s clear why every household should have them.

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