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7 Facts Every Bodybuilder Should Know

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The last few decades have seen a sudden surge in the bodybuilding trend. More than a sport or hobby, bodybuilding is emerging as a new lifestyle for most fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are just beginning to get in the groove of bodybuilding or are a seasoned bodybuilder, you might have heard tonnes of advice. But the real question is, what is a fact and what isn’t? If you’ve been wondering what the expert advice that you must follow is, you are in the right place. Read on to find out facts that every bodybuilder must be aware of.


Facts every bodybuilder should know:

Bodybuilding has had a fascinating history, emerging in the 18th century as a display of strength. But, it has now become the epitome of strength and aesthetics both.

Here are some facts that every bodybuilder can rely on:  

Protein consumption must be adequate:

It is a universal fact that protein is an essential nutrient if bodybuilding is your aim. But how much protein should you consume on a daily basis? According to experts, the ideal protein consumption must be 1g per 454g of your body weight. In case you weigh 91kgs, you must consume 200g in a day. You can divide it into small portions and spread it across your meals.

If you are working out rigorously and still don’t see results, it might be due to the lack of protein intake. But, keep in mind that taking more proteins can also adversely affect your health. So, it is wise to keep the protein intake in check.

Steroids may help you:

While many people frown merely at the idea of using steroids due to the myths surrounding it. But not everything you hear is true, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Just like any other artificial drug, excess of steroids can be bad for you. You can consult a professional and take regulated doses of steroids to boost testosterone and build muscles. If you want to gain lean muscle mass without gaining fat quickly, you can also buy anabolic steroids.

Not every pain will bring you gains:

Bodybuilders live by the philosophy of ‘No pain, no gain,’ which might do more harm than good. They learn at an early stage from their trainers and fellow athletes to push hard and enjoy the pain. You must realize that there is a difference between pain or soreness.

When you are working out, you put pressure on the muscles, which can often lead to soreness. But, if there are inflammation and tearing of muscles, it can lead to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). While a little soreness is normal, it is not wise to take the pain lightly. Go and seek help from your doctor if you feel immense pain for a prolonged time.

Your mental health plays a significant role:

A majority of people believe that bodybuilding only pertains to the body and physical aspect. They forget that it also requires sound mental health and balance to achieve the goals. If you are feeling under pressure or stressed, you might not be able to give your best effort and not see any considerable results.

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It is essential to stay positive and combat stress that is bringing you down. Surround yourself with positive people, indulge in productive activities, and let go of bad habits like smoking or drinking if you don’t want to hinder muscle growth.

Sports drinks may not be the best workout buddy:

Do you rely on sports drinks to re-energize during or after workouts? It might not do as good as the advertisements tell you it would. A majority of sports drinks contain only two ingredients – water and sugar. So, unless you want to load up on sugar, you must not opt for them.

It is much better to carry a water bottle and drink from it regularly. It will not only help you stay hydrated while you are sweating in the gym but also help stay healthy and exercise better.

Sleep can do wonders for you:

If you think that only diet and workout are necessary for strong and bulky muscles, you are mistaken. Sleep can be the third point of the triangle of success to bodybuilding. If you are into strenuous training and weight lifting, it is normal for you to get tired. Here, your body needs time to rest and recover, and it becomes essential to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

It will not only give you time to heal, but it is also the time when muscles grow. Your body releases testosterone and growth hormones while you are in the deepest sleep. If you want to see good results, make a sleep schedule, and stick to it. You can even take rest days in between your workout schedule to prevent injuries.

Increase the weights progressively:

If you’ve been dreaming for a while of that perfectly sculpted body, it is safe to assume that you might yearn to get there sooner. To get better results in a short period of time, you might be inclined to lift more weight, but it can make you prone to injuries.

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There is no denying the fact that you need to increase the weight to put tension on the muscles to promote growth. But, you must increase the weight progressively. If you are doing ten reps of 50kg on the bench press in week 1, you can start lifting 52.5kg with 6-8 reps. Then slowly increase the reps to 10. It will help you grow muscles without overworking yourself.

muscles to promote growth

Final Thoughts

Bodybuilding is an attractive lifestyle that many people want to, but not everyone can. Besides determination and strength, it takes extensive research and patience. If you want to grow into the field of bodybuilding, follow the rule of thumb: the smarter you work, the bigger you’ll get. Don’t believe everything you hear, research well about the facts, and then choose the best course for yourself. Swear by the facts given above and start your journey to a well-built body.

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