Ncert books for UPSC preparation

UPSC Exam book
UPSC Exam book
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No doubt, NCERT books are a treasure trove of knowledge; while they were written primarily with school students in mind, they also provide excellent coverage of material that is fundamental to the UPSC curriculum.

They are some of the most well-regarded publications and are required reading for any UPSC candidate. The authors of NCERT have put everything necessary into their books, from biodiversity to geography to thousand-year-old histories to modern politics.

NCERT textbooks are easily understood and include information that can be relied upon. The book’s accessible language makes cramming easier while still providing extensive knowledge on a range of essential topics that, taken together, contribute to a solid grounding. These books should be read by beginners before starting hardcore UPSC preparation. There is widespread agreement amongst IAS graduates and faculty that these books are indispensable for passing the UPSC.

Finding the right NCERT books to read is one of the first things that an aspirant should do. We’ve included all the essential books an aspirant needs to read for UPSC. Everything you need to know, from where to study well, is right here.

UPSC aspirants can also join a UPSC coaching institute for better preparation under the guidance of experts. Faculty members of these institutes have years of experience, and they can help to learn things in minimum time. 

NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation

1. NCERT Books for UPSC History Preparation

Our Past6th
Our Past I7th
Our Past I and II8th
Indian and the Contemporary World I9th
Indian and the Contemporary World II10th
Themes in World History11th
Themes in Indian History I12th
Themes in Indian History II12th
Themes in Indian History III12th

2. NCERT Book for UPSC Indian Society Preparation

Social Science: Social & Political Life I6th
Social Science: Social & Political Life II7th
Social Science: Social & Political Life III8th
Sociology: Understanding Society11th
Indian Society12th
Social change and development in India12th

3. NCERT Books for UPSC Economics Preparation

Understanding Economic Development10th
Indian Economic Development11th
Introductory Microeconomics12th
Introductory Macroeconomics12th

4. NCERT Books for UPSC Geography Preparation

The Earth Our Habitat6th
Our Environment7th
Resource and Development8th
Contemporary India I9th
Contemporary India II10th
Fundamentals of physical geography11th
India – Physical Environment11th
Fundamentals of Human Geography12th
India – People and Economy12th

5. NCERT books for UPSC Science and Technology Preparation

  • NCERT Science Textbooks from class 6th to 10th.
  • Chapter 14 of Chemistry and Chapters 4 and 5 of the biology of Class 11th.
  • Chapter 16 of Chemistry and Chapters 8,9 and 10 of Biology of class 12th.

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Other NCERT Books

Democratic Politics I9th
Democratic Politics II10th
Indian Constitution at Work11th
Political Theory11th
Contemporary World Politics12th
Politics in India since Independence12th

Do NCERT Textbooks Count in Adding Value to Preparation?

The NCERTs are the best place to start. A person uninterested in the humanities may struggle to understand works such as From Plassey to Partition by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Indian Polity by RK Mukherjee, etc. Anyone with aspirations of entering the Civil Services will benefit greatly from the comprehensive education provided by NCERTs. The NCERTs can serve as a stepping stone to further study in many other fields, like politics, modern history, geography, etc. But if you really want to learn everything there is to know about a wide range of subjects; you’ll need to read some other books as well.


To succeed at UPSC, you need to read NCERT books. If you want to get into UPSC, this is the first step you need to take. They are enough for the preliminary examination and provide a solid foundation for the main exam.

It’s crucial to give NCERTs your whole attention because they’ll be tested on the civil service exam. All chapters are connected and should be read in order. When it comes to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), The Thought Tree is the best place to get guidance.

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