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5 Ways to Get Rid of Stress & Anxiety Instantly

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We are living in a busy age. Most of the time, we find ourselves surrounded by a bundle of work, which is unhealthy. An office employee needs to meet the deadlines; a student needs to prepare for the test; a housewife has to run daily errands. In fulfilling these responsibilities, we sometimes feel stress and anxiety. Stress in a small amount is not at all bad. It motivates us to do better, for example, the fear of failing a particular exam will motivate the student to work hard.


However, the high-stress level is not good at all. It can be deadly for us. It can cause headache, stomachache, and loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, muscular tension, heart attack and even death. Good news is that several ways can help you control your level of stress. Here are the five ways to get rid of stress and anxiety instantly.

5 Ways to Get Rid Of Stress & Anxiety Instantly




Exercise is an excellent activity. It has numerous benefits; it keeps us healthy and fit. It is not only beneficial for our physical health but mental health as well. It helps in releasing hormones known as endorphins in our body that reduce the stress levels and elevates our mood. So next time, when you need motivation for exercise, try to remember that it will keep you fit, clear your head and will make your mood delightful. Spare just 10 minutes for a workout every day and feel the difference. It will chase the stress and anxiety away.

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Picture Your Happy Place

Happy Place Finding

We feel stressed when the circomestances around us are not according to our expectations. In such a condition, when we visualize us in our favorite place, it soothes us immensely. It accelerates the process of relaxation. Consequently, stress and anxiety fade away. Imagine yourself in a quiet and calm environment. It can be a cabin in the lush green mountains or a breezy beach where waves are crashing the shore. In a matter of time, you will feel relaxed and calm.

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Breathing Techniques

Yoga Breathing Techniques

Slow, deep, and focus breathing reduces anxiety and stress there and then. Breathing exercises increase the intake of oxygen in our lungs. This process soothes us, and we feel relaxed. So in times of anxiety and stress, close your eyes, breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, hold on for one-five seconds and then breathe out slowly and deeply through your mouth. Repeat the exercise until you feel relaxed.

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Use Natural Herbs

Natural Herbs

Natural herbs are in use since ancient times. Their remarkable medicinal and therapeutic properties made them extremely useful. Needless to mention, they are a better option than pharmaceutical medicines because the latter has several side effects.

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Cannabis or medical marijuana is an exotic plant that cures anxiety and depression. Its mind-altering characteristic is beneficial for stressed people. Medical cannabis can be consumed in various forms, look up online at cannabis accessories Canada to check out different cannabis strains and their accessories.

Watch a Funny Video

Watch Funny Video

Laughter is the best therapy. It increases the number of endorphins in our system, which in turn boosts our mood and makes us happier. When stress and anxiety hit you, try to laugh. Watch a funny video and cheer yourself up.

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Stress and anxiety can be fatal. Follow these five ways to get relief instantly. Good Luck!


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