4 Top Must-Have Types Of Wheelchairs At Home For Elderly Care

Wheelchair Elderly Care
Wheelchair Elderly Care
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If you have an aged person at your home, you will always require extra effort to care for them. From doctor visits and appointment scheduling to timely checkups, it requires efforts to make sure their health is not compromised in any way.

While caring for your elder parents, ensure you have a supply of medical equipment at home. It will help you and your elder parents avoid running to hospitals during emergencies. Some equipment is compulsory for daily activities and must-have health care equipment at home.

All Purpose Wheelchairs


The most common assistive device is an all-purpose wheelchair available with various features. They are easily accessible and relaxing and aim to provide the utmost comfort to your elder parents. You can get many different wheelchairs from reputed online services like safetyandmobility.com.au.

Different types of wheelchairs include:

  1. Heavy-Duty Wheelchair: For bariatric users in healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing, assisted living homes, care services, and private living, heavy-duty wheelchairs provide a cozy and accommodating seat. They have extra space for sitting and frames made of reinforced steel that can support more weight. It has armrests that shift back or are detachable to aid lateral movements. Some of the armrests on the chairs are also constructed specifically to fit underneath desks.
  2. Hemiplegic Wheelchair: The selection of hemiplegic wheelchairs provides the hemiplegic user with a highly functional, helpful, and comfy chair. It uses a lever drive shaft that is operated with one arm to move the chair forward as well as drag it backward. Leg supports and armrests that swing away can be removed, making movements easy and providing extra support and comfort. The top-notch chrome-plated steel frame offers a quick foundation for left- or right-side driving and simple handling.
  3. Lightweight Wheelchair: As the name suggests, this wheelchair is for making your elder feel less burdened about carrying the chair. It is lightweight and pretty handy to carry. It is a standard wheelchair that provides a supportive and relaxing use. The wheelchairs have a fold-down backrest that makes traveling more manageable and has sturdy nylon fabric that offers excellent, breathable cushioning. It also has detachable and flexible leg rests for added assistance and comfort as necessary, with removable calf extensions to give the patient’s legs extra help.
  4. Tilt Recline Wheelchair: By utilizing the tilt-in-space, reclining, and gas-aided features, it provides the best possible way to manage any posture and positioning. The armrests on the chairs are detachable and movable, making them easier to transfer while still offering support and comfort when necessary. Made with alloy, the chair can be adjusted according to the height of the person sitting. While sitting, the side panels can be adjustable through the arm-pad length to provide a high level of convenience and luxury.

The Advantages of a Bidet for the Elderly

Wheelchairs are the most important essential for your elder parents required in daily activities. You need to ensure that it is most comfortable and cozy for them to operate and not feel burdened by the chair. You can also include wheelchair essentials that make their arrangement more comfortable and supportive. Your elder friends need all the care and attention, make sure you choose a suitable wheelchair.

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