5 Most Common Difficulties in E-learning

E Learning
E Learning
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Over 6 million Americans are learning online, and approx a quarter of college students are enrolled in online learning courses.

Online learning has many advantages too.  The COVID-19 outbreak has led us to stay at our home and hampering education. Online learning tools are the first things that we can work with at this time. The global shutdown of education institutions has impacted the studies of middle school and elementary school children majorly. Once the school opens, educators have to confront slides in learning. It can create mess and confusion for teachers.

These people have to show their creativity to solve work along with the problem. This guide is a small step to make people aware of the difficulties and speculate about solving it being productive out of the box.

E Learning Difficulties
E-learning Difficulties


Adaptation in Covid-19 E-Learning

The development of technology has led us to be more and more dependent on computers and mobile phone devices. But still, there is some difficulty in using all those resources. During this time, students are reliant on online learning. Face-to-face learning and easily creating involvement with teachers and students cannot be established more effectively in these online learning platforms.

Due to the current consequences, students can feel harder to understand the concept easily by using these available tools. Students are accustomed to the traditional classroom, and they find it challenging to adapt to the online content management system. It takes time to understand the working and teaching methods with these tools. These students are not in the position to accept the circumstances in which they are getting taught. Understanding things in online classes and discussing it with their classmates make it difficult for them.

Defining concept more clearly, visualizing the idea in teaching and submitting assignments by using these online platforms, they feel harder to submit directly in the hand of the instructor. The same is with asking problems and getting a satisfactory answer to their question. However, we are using the more advanced technology in online learning platforms, but directly teaching and not taking cannot change the experience of the student by these platforms.

Technological awareness

Technological Awareness

Education today is more dependent on technology, and students hold a great responsibility in using all the technology. But still, there is a lack of accessibility to mobile and computer by students, which becomes an issue for them while studying online platforms. Most of them are not able to access these learning materials and resources that require a basic knowledge of Powerpoint, presentations, Word, and Excel.

Taking a basic computer course is necessary for everyone who is using these platforms. Having the basic understanding of computers and their hardware makes them easy to participate in various online learning platforms quizzes and mock test papers.

Students who are primarily preparing for tough competitive exams like JEE mains, NEET, SSC, and Railway pre-organized previous year question papers and mock test paper works well for them. In recent times, students who do not have a basic knowledge of computer they feel it harder to apply for this exam and participate in this mock test papers. 


Online Interaction

Peer to peer interaction and peers to instructor interaction is essential for making the courses useful. There are many online learning platforms for competitive exams like Coursera, EDX, Khan Academy, Byju’s, but still, students are searching for a right coaching center. The reason behind that interaction between students and teachers matters a lot. Students preparing for these competitive exams require to have tethered these exercises. It is quite obvious that when they are learning, the thing will not be left without some problems related to concepts or some exercises.

In these online learning applications, you may face difficulties in getting your answer and maybe take your questions to 2-3 days to get your solution. But in a physical classroom, instructors directly answer your question and give you a satisfactory solution. So it is easy to put your opinion and argue about any concepts. Schools and coaching centers provide you a group discussion environment and doubt clearing session.

You can usually work on any project or assignment with your classmates usually interact with them, and there are some complexities in an online learning platform because it requires you to discuss among each other with that with the chatbox or with some other type of things like phone calls or video conferencing, but still sharing content points to a different learning experience.

Time management

Learning online gives you a reason to study at your own pace. You can use learning resources and materials in a well-managed form. People who are employed and do not have time to go to coaching centers can still learn new skills in their free time. There is no fast rule in these learning platforms. If you exceed the deadline in most of the cases, this software allows you to create a new timeline for your project. So, the course which has to go for four weeks ultimately goes long for 6 to 7 weeks.

Learning things is about 50% you get from your teacher, 25% by practice, and 25% discussing it with your classmates. When it comes to learning online, students generally go through all the lectures, and their participation in quizzes and practice materials is less. A better time management con led candidates to their success. 


 Ask anyone who is pursuing intermediate college courses online. I am telling you how much efficiency time management and self-motivation are required for these courses. 

Despite the fact that online learning has numerous benefit, this course requires you self-motivation that play an essential role in the success of the course. The best way to create a constructive mindset is by creating positivity all around you. Self-motivation is the positivity and that you should have for a particular purpose. 

If you are learning, keep it doing, reward yourself, and continue with the same amount of motivation that can work in this case.

Final Words

Technology has always been a useful tool to help mankind if used judicially. It gives you the power to reach millions of people at a time. There are still many benefits to online learning, but its flaws cannot be neglected. Managing and using these resources is quite necessary.

Providing students with the learning resource and engaging in extracurricular activities are better choices. If online classes are not accessible for elementary school children, they can be supplied with books and practice materials and can be guided at home. By providing these materials, we can also engage students in self-study.

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