5 Secrets for Freelancers to Enjoy Their Work More

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Today, many people prefer to work at home, doing remote freelance work. The common problem that freelancers usually face is a serious motivation issue. First dreams of independence turn out in a turmoil of questions on how to control work in a relaxed home atmosphere and work efficiently, without being distracted from the task. All these questions make you feel unsafe as a freelancer.

For office employees, remote work may seem like a dream, because you do not need to sit in the office every day for 9 hours, and you can work whenever you wish. In fact, freelance has another side: bags under the eyes, lack of sleep, around-the-clock work behind the monitor, and chronic fatigue.


As a result, the freelancer does not have time to deal with personal matters, and work efficiency is greatly reduced. Therefore, all you really need is only a few things to do to make a freelance lifestyle truly worth it!

How to Work at Home Efficiently and Use All the Advantages of Freelance to the Full?

1. Don’t Forget About Real People

Working at home, freelancers are gradually restricting personal social connections. A few days without communication and walking will badly affect both productivity and health.

Therefore, the first secret is:  communicate constantly, do not forget about physical activity and attend cultural events. This will not only be useful for your well-being but will also broaden your horizons, not to mention new ideas popping up in your head.

2. Do Not Do a Hundred of Things at Once

You should forget the word “multitasking” because even when sitting at home, you will not be able to manage cooking, washing, reading a book for a child and leading a couple of dozen projects all at once. The brain is able to work 100% effectively only if entirely focused on one thing. Otherwise, your brain will refuse to work if you clutch at all things in a row. This can lead to procrastination and frustration.

Even the fastest computer will freeze if you load it with twenty tasks at the same time. The brain works the same way, so take the principle of effective work, “one thing at a time.” Conduct a three-day experiment: enter into multitasking mode and write down everything that you managed to do. Live another three days, combining things and writing down the same way. Then compare both, what turned out to be more effective? According to my observations, proponents of multifunctionality have never been victorious.

3. Create a Workspace

Do not be greedy when it comes to a work chair. Buy an expensive ergonomic model, so that you can sit in it for twelve hours and not get tired. Be sure to take care of the correct lighting, so you do not harm your eyes.

According to the Forbes.com, your surroundings and physical space directly affects your productivity and mental health. Therefore, you must have proper ventilation and air access, so you do not freeze or sweat. The monitor screen should be located in a comfortable way for you so that you do not squint your eyes every half hour of work. Everything should be organized, get yourself a comfortable place to work!

4. Reduce Stress

The biggest stress of working as a freelancer is that you no longer work with a fixed schedule. Therefore, the boundary between free time and working hours is blurring. Customers can message and call you at any time of the day or night.

Because of the deadlines, you cannot sleep at night and eventually worsen your schedule and health. That is why it is worth making sure that your rhythm of life is under control.

According to СBDKyro.com, сbd oils can stabilize your day, remove stress and the main causes of insomnia. It’s not a panacea, but if you have trouble following the diet and doing sports, it can help you normalize your regimen.

5. Do Not Turn Into a Caveman

One of the worst habits that overtakes a freelancer is living in a “cave lifestyle.” You used to run to the store on the way home from work, but now you feel so lazy getting up from your computer, getting dressed and going somewhere.

Most freelancers are surrounded by delivery contacts for pizza, sushi, burgers, and other not-so-healthy meals. Despite being at home, we feel that we do not have time for cooking and start ordering anything to eat quickly and go back to work.

According to the Washington Post, such food does not do any good for us, as the aftereffects of such a diet can drastically influence your health and brainwork. Moreover, after a year or two of “successful” work, you might end up gaining dozen or two extra pounds and a bunch of concomitant diseases.

If you often work at the computer, you definitely need some physical activity. Saving on transportation from work to home, you decrease the level of your physical activity. Remember that it influences your workflow and productivity even more.

As mentioned by Forbes.com, physical activity can drastically change the way you work, enhance your concentration and provide you with more energy. Switch to doing physical exercises today! If you love dancing, sign up for the closest club. Do you want to try doing yoga? Go for it then! If it is hard for you to overcome the desire to lock yourself at home, start doing some physical activity.

Freelance Is Good Only When You Work with Your Head

If you are that kind of a freelancer who is sitting on social networks like a zombie, constantly distracted by tests, articles, and comments on stupid pictures. If you eat fast food and do not have time to do anything, because all you do is working until late.

Then it looks like you do everything you can to start hating remoted work.

According to CoolThingsChicago.com, if your schedule is broken due to freelancing, some food supplements will improve your performance and reduce fatigue. Just make sure to check out their list of best CBD oils.

As Steve Jobs said,” We have to work not 12 hours, and head.” Make it exactly 4 hours, but during this time, you will complete many tasks effectively, concentrating on the workflow. If you organize the working mode correctly, then you will begin to cope up with the work way quicker.

A considerable number of hours will be freed up; you can devote it to your family and friends, self-development, or education. You have chosen a remote work; now it depends on you whether to turn life into hell, not that different from the stressful office or, you can embrace the remoted job and fully enjoy it!

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