8 Bad Things that Happen to Your Body When You Don’t Exercise

physical exercise
physical exercise
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According to the latest statistics published by the U.S. Health and Human Services, fewer than 5% of American adults are getting the 30 minutes of daily exercise that is recommended. You will also find that seniors, particularly between the age of 75 years and older are not getting enough physical activity as well. These numbers usually fall in the range percentages between 35% to 44%.

Unfortunately, to reverse these numbers in a way that encourages people of all ages to get more daily physical activity, it is not as easy as some may think. This is because the answers to changing things around dramatically may actually lie in the way this vital information is communicated. For instance, when you read a lot of today’s literature about incorporating more activities in your daily regimen, you may find that the bulk of this data focuses on how good physical activity is for you and your overall appearance.


Therefore, the primary benefits may even be skewed to those of you who need to exercise to lose weight. While all of this information is good for everyone to know, there are other aspects that may or may not be addressed. One of the most essential is relaying the hazards of what happens to your body when you do not take time to add the appropriate amount of physical activity to your schedule.

Having said this, here are 8 bad things that happen to your body when you do not get enough activities into your daily regimen.

Metabolism Slows Down — Harder to Keep the Weight Off

No one wants to be obese because of all of the illnesses and diseases related to the extra weight gain. However, it is difficult to fight the weight off without knowing the full cause and the cure. For instance, the metabolism begins to slow down considerably even when you are eating a modest diet.

To combat these issues and keep the metabolism and a normal rate, you need to make sure that you are following a daily physical program that will continue to boost your metabolism higher. Most health and medical professionals recommend during cardio activity to boost to maintain a healthy heart. Therefore, leading a sedentary lifestyle that means little no extra activity can be very damaging to the entire body.

Sluggish brain responses

If you want to always think quick on your feet, you need to fight and not give in to the quick aging process. One of the best ways to launch a counter-attack in this area is to focus on a properly functioning central nervous system that is supported by regular daily physical activities. Because the brain can begin to become sluggish and slow to recall things, some people may even begin to think that they are suffering from a case of pre-dementia.

On the other hand, if you want to control these issues before you have consistent problems, a regular daily regimen of exercises can help your brain to get the oxygen that is needed to perform at its maximum cognitive abilities.

Weaker muscles and bones

It is not uncommon for some people to naturally associate weak bones and muscles to the normal aging process. Because of the way that people think, they may not do anything proactive to strengthen these parts of the body. However, when they know that weak muscles and bones really comes from the lack of exercise, they are much more likely to start a regular regimen.

For instance, when people begin to lift weights, perform strength exercises, they can begin to build up more muscle mass so that they do not begin the premature process of muscle atrophy. By exercising, you can avoid the increasing numbers that suffer from osteoporosis and all of the related issues that come along with this type of medical condition.

More at Risks of suffering from High Blood Pressure

If you want to reduce your risks of suffering from high blood pressure, there are a number of different things that you can do. Eating the right heart-healthy foods is at least one thing that you will most likely change immediately. However, eating the right foods regularly is only one part of the solution to reducing your risks and you need to know exactly what the other parts entail.

For instance, as you change the way that you eat, you need to perform physical activities that help to keep your circulation regulated properly. In some cases, you may start out by walking briskly for about 20 to 30 minutes to get your heart rate up. As you advance in your daily walk, you may begin to jog and then run. Whatever the situation, these kinds of fitness activities are an excellent way of making sure your blood pressure remains normal.

Get Stressed Out Easily

Lots of Extra Tension in Different Parts of the Body

When you stop exercising, you may begin to notice that you get stressed a lot easier. For instance, even the slightest problems that you deal with at home or on your job can begin to wreak havoc on your body in a variety of ways. In some cases, you may find it difficult to relax any part of your body. To avoid these issues and reduce the stress that you are experiencing, you may want to start a regular regimen of running several days of the week. Running is great for many different reasons including alleviating the tension that comes with working under tight deadlines.

Sleep is Disturbed More Often

Taking over the counter drugs and prescription meds to sleep at night can be a big problem that can easily lead to an addiction that no one can handle. So, it is very important that you know how to handle problems that disturb your sleep patterns at night in the right manner. Simply put, you need a remedy that is all-natural that will not adversely affect the health of your body.

One all-natural solution that usually works for most people is incorporating more physical activity to aid the body. For instance, by going to the gym and working out, your body can begin to relax and unwind naturally so that you can rest better at night.

Increase Risks of Major illnesses and Disease Like Diabetes

Based on some of the latest studies about the lack of physical activity, research suggests that the lack of physical activities may be as harmful to your health as smoking cigarettes. Just like smoking can cause lung cancer, stroke, cataracts, COPD, esophageal cancer, and other chronic diseases, a sedentary lifestyle can be just as devastating to your body. For instance, when you are spending enough time in the gym, your body can benefit greatly by keeping these and other related medical issues at bay. This is especially the case for people who want to regulate their blood sugar levels by consuming fewer carbs and exercising regularly.

Age Quickly

If you do not continue adding physical activity into your schedule as you get older, your body will begin to age quicker than it should. Not only will your mind begin to respond slower, but the different parts of your body may also begin to slow down too. In some cases, you may find that it takes longer to get up out of your chair, bend down and get up, and a host of other things that you could do quickly when you were much younger. To avoid these problems, some health professionals may even recommend training for a marathon to remain healthy and fit.

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