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Hot icos
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ICO which means Initial Coin Offering & this means that someone offers investors few units of cryptocurrency in exchange of few other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. ICO plays a significant role and is used to fund in the development of next prominent cryptocurrency. Looking at the current scenario, ICO can become the shares & security of tomorrow. As ICO is helping in the development of new cryptocurrency by releasing token & this is bringing the revolutionary change in the world of cryptocurrency. At the same time, you must be aware that ICO has great risk factor even under bright circomestances and have high chances of scams. Although it acts as a fundraiser, & those company who are looking forward to creating the new application, coin, service, etc. launches an ICO.


The very first cryptocurrency which was distributed by an ICO is the ripple. In 2013 the ripple team started to a built the payment system and created around 100 billion tokens and these tokens were released to develop the ripple more strongly. Later in the same year, 2013 Mastercoin created the layer on the top of the Bitcoin.

ICO Basics

At the initial stage of startup of Cryptocurrency when any company wants to raise its fund, they have to issue a white paper with plans such as:

  1. What all project is about.
  2. Once the project is completed what all needs are going to be fulfilled?
  3. How much fund is required?
  4. What type of money is accepted?
  5. What share of token campaigners will keep?
  6. For how long this project is going to run.

Note: The supporters of the firm buy few coins which are called token and is similar as tokens. If the amount of money rose does not meet the requirement of the fund the money is returned to the buyers and so is considered as unsuccessful ICO. On the other hand, if a fund meets the requirement in the given timeframe, the ICO is considered to be successful and the money raised is used to either initiate the new scheme or project.

best ICO to invest today

It is suggested that before investing in ICO, you need to do little investigation and homework. Read about its history, docomeentation, reputation, previous trend, advantages, disadvantages, team members and background, after all, it all about your hard earned money. You can also refer to the websites like where you will find the reviews of the ICO which will help you in a selection of right ICO but at the same time make sure that you should not entirely be depended upon the website for investigation it is useful for research till some extent. Although now ICO is an old matter when it was at the boom stage that was enough to attract new investors. So, it is clear that people who are interested in raising fund can gun for next big cryptocurrency. The most important thing is to decide the limit of investment if there is any confusion in investment let me tell you it will create changes in a loss.

Best ICO’s to Invest in 2018

Cryptocurrency, the burning topic in today’s market, is catching the attention of the new investors. The biggest problem with the new investor is that they face a challenge in identifying the good ICo to invest in. For new investors, this information is worth that Bitcoin is the functional currency to invest as it is capturing the 40% of the total capital of the cryptocurrency market. Let us make it easier for you and discuss the best ICo’s to invest.

Below are the names of few best ico to invest in 2019 which investment can be made.

Hot icos

Word of mouth Pro ICO: It is a blockchain based authenticator that aims to provide the decentralized word of mouth services that are certified through the blockchain. It’s a social crypto certificatory, inspired by the blockchain community.

• Dona: It was built with the aim to collect donations with transparency to the investors. A donation was accessible to everyone with the help of blockchain technology. The main aim was to increase transparency in the donations and the flow of transactions. It makes the world better and helps those needy people who want help.

Bit depositary: The aim of bit depositary it to eliminate the scams from ICO sector. Its sales force is based on blockchain mechanism which allows users to vote to the project they believe in. The motive behind this voting is to provide help to inexperienced investors to access quality and more reliable ICO platforms.
Here the new deposit of any project will undergo through the analysis by Bit team where they will check the project feasibility, development, future growth, plans, sustainability, etc. project which is approved are forwarded to the panel of lawyers & industry experts before launching it for investors voting. Panel if satisfies with the project will ask to go ahead, or they can remove the project to avoid scams and loss to the investors.

Energy Mine: It is a UK based company founded in 2016. The energy usages of large clients are managed by artificial intelligence and blockchain. It worth in global energy market is $2 trillion. So even capturing a small piece of it might be lucrative.

Dether: It offers a realistic solution to the people. This company makes it possible for people to purchase cryptocurrency (Ethereum) through cash via online process. The application turns the Ethereum holder into people teller machine who can transact with others and with retail shops.

CanYa: With the help of CanYa coin people can list the services and hire others. CanYa understands well the need of its users, and it can be seen while reading their blogs, white paper and communicating slacks. To track that the value of the coin has increased or not, or to get the discounts on the coins you will have to hire someone.

Filecoin: It is an open source for public and digital payment system based on blockchain mechanism. It has raised $52 million in pre-initial coin offering.

Above mentioned are the findings on best ICO’s it will help you sure if you want to invest in ICo’s.


Though the size of ICO’s are getting bigger and bigger hut to be careful before investing in ICO. One must evaluate the size of ICO and should also ponder upon the return on the investment. Sometimes it has been observed that ICO’s with the excellent return on investment are not on the list of highest earning projects. So, an investor is requested that before investing, please be familiar with the terms & conditions and size of the ICO for reasonable profit and long-term investments.

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