The Tourism Industry in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

Tourism is not a mere hobby or pastime nowadays. Rather it has flourished and is known as an industry worldwide. Bangladesh is not an exception in this respect, but this industry is not a successful one or a good contributor to our national economy. Every country of the World has some attractive sights and sounds …

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Grameen Bank – Pioneer of Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh

Introduction The Grameen Bank (GB) is a rural bank in Bangladesh. It provides credit to the rural poor, particularly women who own less than half an acre of land or whose assets do not exceed the value of one acre of land. Unlike traditional commercial bank loans, Grameen Bank loans need not be secured by …

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Microcredit – A Staircase to Development

Introduction Money begets money. Adam Smith in his famous book Wealth of Nations said, “When you have got a little, it is often easy to get more. The great difficult thing is to get that little.” Microcredit is a small size of the loan that is given to the poor for self-employment. Microcredit through institutional …

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NGO Bangladesh

The Role of NGO in Rural Development of Bangladesh

Introduction Bangladesh has been perhaps the most important heart on the globe for NGOs (Non-Government Organizations). Some estimates place the number of NGOs in Bangladesh above 20,000. There are many types of NGOs in the country, but most focus on development or poverty alleviation. Bangladesh is the birthplace of the microcredit NGO, namely the Grameen …

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Bangladesh Rural Development

Rural Development in Bangladesh

Introduction: Efforts for rural development in Bangladesh are not new. However, massive and determined efforts have been made after the liberation of Bangladesh to improve the condition of the rural lives. A good number of government departments, semi-government, and autonomous agencies including NGOs are functional in the field. Millions of taka are being spent every …

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Human Rights BD

Human Rights and Bangladesh

Introduction Human rights are a concept that has continuously been evolving throughout human history. It was in ancient Greece, where the idea of human rights began to take a more significant meaning than the prevention of arbitrary persecution. Human rights became synonymous with natural rights. This idea of natural rights continued in ancient Rome, where …

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Demographic dividend in Bangladesh

Introduction An estimated 43 percent of people around the globe are under the age of 25. Investing in young people is critical for seizing the demographic dividend. South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand experienced spectacular economic growth during the second half of the 20th century, much of which was due to the demographic dividend. The …

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Bangladesh

Introduction: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a new universal set of goals, targets, and indications that will be expected to be used by UN member states to frame their agenda and political policies over the next 15 years. The countdown has begun to September’s summit on the Sustainable Development Goals with National governments now …

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Human Resources and Development

Introduction: Nowadays human resources occupy a bigger position and are considered an important part of a firm. If the employees are not satisfied, they won’t produce sufficient quality work. Human resources play a significant role in the Outsourcing of labor. The human resources department lies at the core of any business’s management structure. This is …

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