A Strategic Guide that Every Entrepreneurial Writer Needs for Success!

Making writing a fulltime profession is not easy. It takes an immeasurable amount of patience and efforts to become a successful writer who practically makes good money from writing alone. Even though the writing is not a profession that is appreciated in this capitalistic corporate world; generally, most writers are passionate about their work and […]

Digital Transformation
Smart Technology

Why A Modern Testing Platform is Necessary For Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation. It’s a new buzzword, for sure – a catchphrase that is both confusing and sometimes meaningless to CIO’s. While several vendors are attempting to provide a one-size-fits-all solution to digital transformation, smart CIO’s understand that this is not feasible. It doesn’t come in a box, and it doesn’t come in a cloud. Defining […]

Android Apps

7 Problems to Face in Mobile App Development

Recently, Mobile App Services are witnessing the extensive level of popularity. A wide majority of business owners are vouching to develop mobile applications for their business, or the strategy to develop a mobile application is their priority. Possessing knowledge about the issues faced in mobile app development and planning to eliminate them is extensively crucial. […]