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Data Recovery

“Are you looking for a solution to get back formatted data from pen drive. Then, you are the right place. Please read the complete write-up and know a precise solution to recover formatted data from pen drive.” Formatted pen drive due to the wrong operation, inaccessible, virus attack, displays as RAW, etc. These are the typical situation that makes you have to format your USB drive. When you formatted your pen drive, the outcome is lost your data like photos, videos, audio’s, personal and professional docomeents, etc. This is the worst situation for every user. To overcome these situations, users have only one option to get back formatted data from pen drive by using professional pen drive recovery application. What Happen When You Format Your Data From Pen Drive The formatting the pen drive does not mean, its all data will be deleted permanently. The only mark all formatting data…

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MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Review

You all know you are supposed to back up all the essential data for data protection. However, according to statistics, millions of people still lost important files, irreplaceable pictures, confidential financial records, etc. every year. However, some of you even don’t want to take some time to make a computer backup when suffering from data loss. Why? Perhaps someone thinks it will take some effort or doesn’t know how to backup your computer. Today, thanks to some backup tools, it gets easier than ever. In this post, the guide on data backup or system backup will be shown in details. In the market, many types of software are for you to choose, including the free DriveImage XML, MiniTool ShadowMaker and more, which let you set an automatic backup for system, disk or partition well. In addition to creating a backup image, disk cloning is another backup method. Similarly, the above mentioned…

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