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Dry Skin Care in Winter Season

Everyone wants the beautiful and smooth skin. When this beautiful skin becomes dry and dirty in winter, it does not feel good anymore. Just like the smooth skin that makes women beautiful, it also inspires the mind. Shout Me crunch brought you today, how you can take skin care in the winter season to get

Ante-Natal Service Should be Reassured Before Delivery

The results of the Ministry of Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED), Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Bangladesh Development Research Institute (BIDS) and UNICEF survey were published on Thursday, with no preoccupation with mothers. In May and July of 2016, this survey was conducted among 200,000 families in 64 districts of the country. According to

Child Malnutrition – Are We Aware Enough?

Recently, in a seminar titled ‘Process of Nutrition Control’ in Dhaka, the capital city, it has been said that the number of children who are malnourished in the country is 55 lakh and they are deprived of all kinds of the development process. Even now, 70 percent of the country’s population suffers from a shortage

How To Increase Weight Without Any Medicine?

Increase Weight without any artificial meanings is desired for all. Many people keep asking me question that which food increase the weight? Which food increase the blood circulation. Today we are going to write an article about the foods which increase the weight without any medicine. How To Increase Weight Without Any Medicine? There are