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Food Delivery App

Cost and Features to Develop Food delivery App

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Food delivery apps are a big hit among several users in today’s world. Almost all the people at least used one food delivery app to avail themselves of the service and enjoy the food at the doorstep. The app has made it easier for people to access multiple cuisines in a single place, and that too in a click of a button.

The app has made its way through millions of people’s hearts and is one of the best android apps on the market. Many developers and business professionals are always ready to build a business around the niche. Are you one of them who wants to develop an app, and have a question how much it would cost to establish the overall app?

Well, we are here to answer all your questions. A bit before you go into detail about the cost, let’s look at several other features that can influence the cost and also help you grow the business.

How do you earn from the food delivery app?

Delivery charges:

As a food delivery app, you can earn from the charges that the restaurants pay to you when you offer them the delivery of the items. Many restaurants do not have a delivery system, and when your app offers the service, you are paid according to the delivery charges.


This is one of the most common ways to earn back the money from all you have developed. All the restaurants that work with you will pay the commission according to the features they used. It can be a fixed rate or per order rate that you can charge to them. The price is comparatively smaller, but a bulk price can result in good money in the end.


Restaurants always compete to stay in the visibility of the app, and this has different ways to market. In such a situation you can offer an advertisement to the restaurants and charge them a certain amount for the same. This is one of the easiest ways to gain money, and it also provides a high-profit rate.

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Peak pricing:

In this particular method, the app can add some extra cost to the food item that is displayed in the menu bar. This additional cost is very minimal and does not burden any user. This cost is a great way to gain profit if any food is ordered in bulk and with multiple order placement.

These are the various ways in which you can earn money back from your food delivery app. Looking at the returns, the cost investment is almost negligible.

Features to include in the app.

Easy login features:

The apps should offer an easy login feature to users, the restaurants, and even to the delivery people. Easy login can help users as well as restaurant owners to easily access all the features of the app. The delivery person can have a login page in which they can be given a specific identity, and also all their payments can be taken care of by the app admins.

This can help in two days if implemented properly. As a restaurant owner, it will help you maintain the menus of the restaurant conveniently. It will help them add the food item as well as remove them with greater ease.

As a user, you can add a feature in which the customer can add different suggestions to the restaurant. It can also be used to customize a specific dish according to the user’s choice, and many other things can be included. This will help create a good stand for the app.

Tracking system:

This is also helpful to both the customers as well as the delivery person. The tracking system can include a map through which the delivery person can know the exact place of the delivery, it also helps in locating the distance, and you can also calculate the minimum time required for the delivery.

On the user’s side, this can be used to track where the order has reached and how much time it will take for the delivery. These can be done for online ordering solutions.

Flexible payment integration:

Food delivery apps can add a flexible payment method to receive the payment. This can allow the user to use cash as well as cashless payment. It can be integrated with various apps that allow payment methods and can be incorporated inside the app. A flexible payment method can be highly beneficial and help retain customers.

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Customer support:

Good customer support is worth everything in the app. It will help the app and all its users create a good relationship with each other. This can boost the credibility of the app and help in making good collaboration.

The customer support can be extended to all the sides of the app, that is, the restaurants, delivery, and the users. This can help in creating better communication among all the users and answer all the queries efficiently. This is because today, online ordering solutions are getting stronger.

Cost of the app

The cost of the app can be varied according to the various features and platform you use for development. It can also vary according to the person you hire to develop the app. On average, the app can cost you anywhere from around $5000 to $10000, depending upon your requirements.

Food delivery apps are a great source of business today. With good features and excellent support, the business can easily proliferate in the market. If you compare the cost with the returns, then it is almost negligible, and many people can easily earn what they have invested.

So, if you are thinking about developing an app, go ahead and start today. It will not disappoint you.

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