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Depression already affects 322 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) for the year 2015. In 10 years, this number rose by 18.4%. In India, 5.8% of the population suffers from this disease, which affects a total of 11.5 million Brazilians. The WHO also emphasizes that India is the country with the highest prevalence of depression in Latin America and the second most prevalent in the Americas, behind only the United States, with 5.9% of depressives. One of the points is that India is the world record in the prevalence of anxiety disorders: 9.3% of the population (about 18.6 million) have this difficulty. After this worrying data, can you fight depression?   Before we think of warding off this disease, we need to understand its definition: depression is a chronic and recurrent psychiatric illness that produces a mood modification characterized by deep, endless sadness related to feelings…

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