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Security is a significant part of any task. It would be physical or virtual. Especially security is the most important factor for a WordPress site. There are over 74.6 Million WordPress sites on the internet according to manage wp. This big number of sites are using WordPress CMS (Content Management System). So, it’s important to keep a secure WordPress site daily as many sites are created with WordPress. That’s why hackers are always trying to hack. So, to prevent site hacking from malicious hackers, we should secure the site effectively. To protect a site from hackers or keep secure, you have to use a site security protection plugin. If you are an expert developer, you may apply your skill. However, none coder webmaster should use a perfect WordPress security plugin that completely helps them to keep the site secure. So, In this blog post, I will share ten best WordPress…

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Website Domain Hosting

Once upon a time, website making used to mean a lot of trouble. But with the change of time, it has become very important now. Many people think that everyone should have a website in one word. Yet, due to the various problems, there is a lot of hesitancy in opening the website. But if you know about it, that indecision will go away fast. It’s better to have a website personally. But for the introduction of any business, it is necessary to open a website. Developers create their site. But for uploading the information, fixing the problem of domain and hosting, you need quality support. There are some issues with cyber-attack. You need many things keep in mind to avoid these problems. We will discuss today what should be done during site preparation, domain and hosting registration. Summary of Discussions Below BOSS HOST BD is the clear winner among…

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How to Secure Your Laptop and Computers

Giving security to your laptop and the computer is mandatory. If your computer is infected by malware or virus, it can potentially harm your data and can leak your data to the seller. It can steal your ATM card number, ATM pin, Visa or MasterCard’s CVV number. Always take an extra precaution to give the additional layer of security to your computer. Here are some steps by that you can give security to your computers. [ez-toc] Always Use an Antivirus Don’t forget to use an antivirus. Antivirus is essential for windows based operating system. Windows 10 comes with inbuilt Windows Defender. But my personal opinion is: Don’t rely on Microsoft’s Windows Defender alone. Windows defender got the following features: Virus protection and removal Malware protection and removal Spyware detection and removal Boot-time protection Real-time protection Cloud-based protection Network inspection FREE automatic updates You can also use Anvi Smart Defender which is lightweight with extreme capacity with…

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