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Your brand is on Instagram and you’re starting to generate a healthy amount of likes and follows. But if you’re like most brands on the platform you know that learning how to build social proof for your brand on Instagram will: Influence new customers to trust and buy from your brand or business Allow your business to capture the unique voice of the customer Maximize your brand’s social media and drive traffic to your site Instagram might be choc-a-bloc full of cute animal videos and shirtless selfies but it’s also an effective marketing tool that can generate explosive growth for your brand. One of the most effective ways to capitalize on this pool of customers is to the social proof of your brand on the site. What is social proof? Psychologists have proven that us humans like to fit in. And this can have a serious impact on our buying choices.…

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Being an influential and popular growing circle in the younger demography, Instagram is undoubtedly the rising superstar regarding social media marketing channels. This increasing popularity of the platform has now blessed it with more than 800 million active users. Not only this massive audience base makes it the ideal platform for businesses to market their products and services but it is also a great channel to fuel your SEO game. By leveraging Instagram marketing for search engine optimization or SEO, you can quickly boost your web traffic rate and gain extensive exposure on the search engine. With that being said, here are some of the tactics through which you can enhance your Instagram marketing and turn your SEO game with new opportunities: Connect with the Major Players Perhaps, this is the most common and solid strategy that is followed on every social media platform, but it is particularly necessary for…

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Just introduced a few years back, Instagram is now a big name in the market. It is one of the popular and fastest growing social networks in the market. The interesting form of Instagram figures will signify that it is quite amazing and important to connect to IG to the website like any other forms of social networks, like the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. There is some well-known Instagram FEED based WordPress plugins, which will integrate the IG to WordPress website. IG is known to feature video sharing and great photo platform. Instagram integrates into WordPress website to add great value with some more engaging content. It helps in driving some more traffic to the site. For gaining this opportunity to communicate beautifully with website uses, WP plugins will offer an easy solution. There are so many premiums and free Instagram Feed based WP plugins available on the web.…

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There are different ways of making money online and today; social media platforms are now becoming grand avenues through which one can do so. Instagram is one of the most-loved social media platforms and the best destination for those seeking to monetize their influence. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, but you could still use it to make money. Experts from my homework help services say that there are people making thousands of dollars through content collaborations on this beautiful platform. With enough reach and influence, here are five ways through which you can generate some revenue. 5 Most Popular Ways To Make Money With Instagram Affiliate Marketing This will require you to partner with brands to create awareness and sales where you can get paid through commissions. This is typically realized through a URL or a designated promo code included in the posts. Commissions could be anything between 5 and…

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